Spring 2022 residents selected

We are thankful to all the artists who shared their ideas with us and applied for our Spring 2022 residency programme! We received 44 applications from talented and dedicated artists coming from 23 countries. Since we can offer a limited number of residency places to artists the selection process was very challenging. After careful and thoughtful consideration of all applications submitted the Selection committee has chosen 14 applicants who are granted the opportunity to spend a one month stay at Rucka Artist Residency.

The residents selected for the Rucka Artist Residency programme of Spring 2022 are:
Zoe Harodi (Israel)
Anna Krieps (Luxemburg)
Isaac Magner (France/ UK)
David Moreno (USA)
Stephanie Avery (Canada)
Paola Favoino (Italy)
Victor Drouineau (France)
Julia Forrest (USA)
Duško Miljanić (Montenegro)
Alexandra Krolikowska (Ukraine)
Tiago Carvalho & Leonor Fonseca (Portugal)
Christopher Wittine (Austria)
Lucas Riewe (Germany)
Héctor Esawong (Spain)

We look forward to welcoming our new residents and we wish every success to all the artists who applied for the programme!