E-ink display // update 5

Why not just use this cool e-ink display as the raspberry pi’s main monitor? Sure, the framerate is not e-sports ready but it’s great for picture viewing.

Garage domotica // update 1

We are renovating our old garage. Taking out the junk and building a workshop/makerspace/exhibition-room. We installed 16 ceiling LED lights which will be controlled from a tablet. Made a small prototype...

E-ink display // update 3

Using both full and partial updates on the e-ink display. So far the modules I’m using seem to accept both .bmp, .jpg and .png. Next, I’ll experiment with text and shapes.

E-ink display // update 1

Bought an 9.7″ e-ink display from WaveShare. It included a HAT for the Raspberry Pi that includes the controller. WaveShare supplies a demo code that clears the display, shows the 16...

Aquaponics // update 1

Constructed an aquaponics setup. Made from simple plastic construction materials and cheap grow lights (LED) from china. Water gets pumped up from the fish-inhabited-aquarium (or a bathtub in this case) to...