Food Radio

Created a ‘Food Radio‘ for Maija Demitere. For years she has been photographing everything she eats. I’ve analyzed a year worth of photos (+- 1500) and extracted the 5 most dominant...

RPi Zero Timelapse

Designed and laser cut a small acrylic board to house both the Raspberry Pi Zero and HQ Camera module. At the moment it’s making a timelapse of sprouting basil plants.

E-ink display // update 7

Made a new housing for the e-paper display. This time in portrait mode with mounting holes for the Raspberry Pi and Arduino. Because of the limitations of my laser cutter I...

RPi Camera // update 1

Made a small casing for the Raspberry Pi and HQ Camera Module. It opens via a small latch and its i/o is still accessible. Oh and it’s transparent.

Tomato/Potato calculator // update 1

Designed a small prototype of the T/P calculator Maija Demitere has come up with. Needed a way to differentiate between different ‘puzzle pieces’ being laid down in a hexagonal grid. Decided to put...

RPi Camera // update #

Testing out the timelapse capabilities of the Raspberry Pi in combination with the HQ camera module (and a 6mm wide-angle lens). The subjects are some sprouting buckwheat seeds.

Brainwaves sequencer // update 1

Started collaborating with Ieva Viksne and her brainwave-scanning-performance. Below is a quick prototype where the intensity of incoming brain waves are translated into drum patterns.

E-ink display // update 6

The e-ink display needed a better housing solution. Designed in Fusion 360 and laser cut with my Beamo laser cutter. Looks great and has some space to hold the Raspberry Pi...

180 Camera Holder // update 1

Whenever I make a 180° stereoscopic picture with our Vuze camera, my fingers are in the frame. Hence, I designed a construction to hold the camera and made a little pull...