SWIM: Sound Wonder Interactive Mobile

SWIM is an interactive installation where visitors can discover sound in a wonderful world. By creating connections between the hanging elements the world becomes alive, both in light and sound. The world is inhabited by a-sexual beings who are able to have a relationship. The males supply the pattern and the females transform this pattern into sound and light. By playing with the countless combinations the users create their own unique experience.

We created this installation so festival goers can escape the festival for a moment and surround themselves in a wonderful world. A world full a exploration and discovery. Our installation has been designed to make it easy to change the sound and light, and thereby changing the atmosphere, making it useful for different kind of events.

Created by:
Saskia Freeke / Interaction Design / Design & Interaction
Hayo Eisenga / Digital Media Design / Electronics & Construction
Rogier Jupijn / Digital Media Design / Software & Sound